What is Vulkollan®?

Vulkollan is one of the oldest PU elastomers and shines in different hardnesses and appearances with outstanding properties


Vulkollan® is one of the oldest polyurethane elastomers on the market. A combination of excellent properties. Available as a compact elastomer in a hardness range from 65-95 Shore A and in a range of density from around 300 to 850 kg/m3 as a microcellular elastomer.

High dynamic load capacity

Vulkollan® is highly resistant to dynamic load. Due to the low dampening effect, Vulkollan® does not build up heat under dynamic stress. This enables a clearly increased efficiency of many machines, plants and vehicles.

High mechanic load capacity:

The mechanic properties achieve very good scores over the whole range from tensile strength, tear propagation resistance and permanent deformation to abrasion and elasticity. A chain is only strong, when all its links are equally durable, this is why Vulkollan® is especially efficient, since it only exhibits excellent properties. What is decisive, is that several advantages of properties interact to create a significant product advantage. The combination of very good properties leads to a superiority in practical application.

Vulkollan® – established in many application areas:

Vulkollan® is used for many applications such as highly stressed wheels and rolls, heavy-duty wheels, driving wheels, solid-rubber wheels and coatings for rollers. Vulkollan® convinces with a high resilience, resistance to abrasion and an accordingly high service life and reduced maintenance costs.

Vulkollan® can also be found in other application areas such as the production of highly stressed coupling hubs, springs, bump stops, cutting strips, die-cutting rings, plates, bars, tubes, moulded parts and other extensive coatings.

For the worldwide application of Vulkollan® we also offer options which are resistant to hydrolysis. Talk to us about this!

Vulkollan® is a registered trademark by Covestro AG. As a license holder of the brand Vulkollan®, asma is authorized to sell polyurethane products made from Desmodur 15 with the designation “made of Vulkollan®”.

We would like to produce your products using Vulkollan®.