What do a sound mixing console and a plastic mixing head have in common? 

Yes, as you might have correctly guessed, “Usually, a mixing console and a mixing head for plastics have exactly nothing in common.” Except when a young plastic shaper expresses his interest in technology not only in his professional life but also in his leisure time, then, the combination receives a name. In his job at asma in Weitra, Alexander Gabler mixes various polyurethane formulations at the Asmaprene L-machine for highly resilient technical coatings. Subsequently, he casts the liquid plastic in the mould, requested by the customer. To change the right settings and therefore achieve the perfect music mix, this is where Alexander Gabler can find balance to his job. “Both requires a systematic way of thinking, precision and it is very important that you don´t forget any parts of the process. Also, you need to have an idea of how the end result can be achieved by choosing the right mixing ratio”, Alexander Gabler concludes.