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Welcome to the world of polyurethane – as already on our home page we invite you to explore this wonderful world of fascinating materials and its various applications. And who could explain it better then our employees, working since years or with the fresh view of the newcomer on the multiple facettes of these products. 
In a series of interviews, reports and comments are telling people their stories and experiences, about the tasks and possibilities of polyurethane. Besides technical and functional facts there will be also room for private, philosophical or personal things. In a loose sequence we will publish here new articles. We cordially invite you to follow these pages, maybe finding also the one or other useful idea. 

 Many thanks to our employees, who realize this asma – website – project with great participation and enthusiasm. 

 Cordially, Claudia Steininger und Thomas Brandeis (Management)

Roller-processing has to be learned

Roll machining has to be learned - a career with an apprenticeship "Letting things slide skilfully is inevitably not the worst," claims the five-strong asma large roller team. Large rollers, varnishing rollers, star wheels, forklift wheels, Vulkollan wheels and much...

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asma Building expansion

After just 12 months of construction, the first section of our building expansion is completed. First of all, the large-roller turning shop moved to the new building and started production there on 31.08.2020.  In a series of blog posts, we will briefly present the...

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asma – Customer Portrait – Bartosch

An article by Manuel Langgutt - asma sales Bartosch LTD - Air Supply Service What happens to our products after they leave asma? From Lower Austria to Salzburg and then to the whole of Europe: Manuel Langgutt BA Bartosch Air Supply Service, a company located in...

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asma GmbH – Production planning – Interview

Markus Wiesmeier, Factory manager asma GmbH Mister Wiesmeier, you are the factory manager and responsible for the planning of production. What were the most important changes in the past? The most important point was digitalisation. In the past, orders were recorded...

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Interview-Zvetanka Nestorova-Chemical Engineer

  Zvetanka Nestorova, Chemical Engineer Miss Nestorova, you have been working with asma Polyurethane, Weitra, for more than a quarter of a century now. In your opinion, what is the secret to success in terms of corporate culture in general and in the field of research...

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Data – The gold of the 21st century

Data is also called the gold of the 21st century nowadays. Back in the days, data was mostly only available in analogous formats such as phone books, lexica and specialized books. Today, however, a large part of it is available in digital formats and thus very...

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Polyurethane flip-flop screen mats

Polyurethane flip-flop screen mats have been part of Asma's core business for almost 4 decades. During this period, both polyurethane materials and manufacturing processes have been continuously developed. Reason enough to take a closer look at this product segment....

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asma Plant-extension – VIEWable Progress

With the assembly of the facade panels, the dimensions and architecture of the new plant are now visible to the public. The work on the inside of the building is also well advanced. The energy center is largely finished, and the casting department has recently been...

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