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Welcome to the world of polyurethane – as already on our home page we invite you to explore this wonderful world of fascinating materials and its various applications. And who could explain it better then our employees, working since years or with the fresh view of the newcomer on the multiple facettes of these products. 
In a series of interviews, reports and comments are telling people their stories and experiences, about the tasks and possibilities of polyurethane. Besides technical and functional facts there will be also room for private, philosophical or personal things. In a loose sequence we will publish here new articles. We cordially invite you to follow these pages, maybe finding also the one or other useful idea. 

 Many thanks to our employees, who realize this asma – website – project with great participation and enthusiasm. 

 Cordially, Claudia Steininger und Thomas Brandeis (Management)

asma – Customer Portrait – Bartosch

An article by Manuel Langgutt - asma sales Bartosch LTD - Air Supply Service What happens to our products after they leave asma? From Lower Austria to Salzburg and then to the whole of Europe: Manuel Langgutt BA Bartosch Air Supply Service, a company located in...

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Roller-processing has to be learned

Below 1%, this is what asma´s large roller team expects at the end of the day. Nothing is left to chance. When the product does not bear the quality check – no chance: This roller does not leave the company. Roller-processing has to be learned – apprenticeship and...

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Interview: Apprenticeship and Career

1:7, this is the current ratio in the apprentice training at asma. At present, one female and seven male trainees receive a profound education to build careers as plastics engineers, plastics shapers, cutting machine operators or as toolmaking technicians. The...

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“Plastic is everywhere”

By Reinhard Haumer, member of the development team My motivation to learn this profession A job with a future: “Plastic is everywhere” Wide range of activities Challenge to learn something completely new and different from most other typical jobs in the region...

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Easy Pren paint and oil application rollers Varnishing rollers, Shore hardness 10°A By Christa Göschl, member of the asma sales department Rubber rolls are used for varnishing and oiling wood panels, surfaces, etc. In order to avoid the need to change the rollers each...

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Interview-Zvetanka Nestorova-Chemical Engineer

Interview Zvetanka Nestorova, Chemical Engineer Miss Nestorova, you have been working with asma Polyurethane, Weitra, for more than a quarter of a century now. In your opinion, what is the secret to success in terms of corporate culture in general and in the field of...

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