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Bartosch LTD – Air Supply Service

What happens to our products after they leave asma?

From Lower Austria to Salzburg and then to the whole of Europe:

Manuel Langgutt BA

Bartosch Air Supply Service, a company located in Salzburg, supplies its customers with aircraft chocks made from Polyurethane. Devices, to stop aircraft of all kinds, from private jets to airline aircraft. Those chocks don´t just provide a perfect hold, even on snow and wet surfaces, but are also indestructible. Customers from all over Europe, such as Bern and Dubrovnik, appreciate the convincing qualities of the product. The chocks are also available in different colours and a degree of hardness of Shore 80.

In 2003, Robert and Franziska Bartosch decided to found a company for high quality “Ground Support Equipment” (GSE). Robert was the Ramp Service Manager at Salzburg airport. Over the course of his career, he acquired a vast amount of knowledge about equipment and was therefore in great demand at airports all over Europe which sought his expertise. Benefitting from a large international network, he was asked to represent different producers for equipment all over the continent. His son Leonhard took over the company in 2015, also being highly qualified to work in the aircraft equipment sector, with professional experience at Salzburg airport and having finished an apprenticeship as a vehicle technician.

BASS also offers different maintenance services and spare parts for LEKTROs (towbarless aircraft tugs). Moreover, they provide airports with air stairs, conditioning units, conveyor belts and surface cleaning equipment and work together with companies like LEKTRO and Aerosweep.