The ones of you who already had a look at our website most probably also read the name Ing. Christoph Cepak with his own company Cepak GmbH. But who is the person behind the name?

Mister Cepak is a partner and customer, all in one, for asma GmbH. Working as a commercial agent and business consultant, he supports strategically important customers of asma with the new development of innovative products. Since a couple of years, he is involved in the fields of product development and technical sales. As a former employee at asma, who worked in the production department, he got to know the processes and in particular the technical possibilities in the company. And because unforeseen and difficult challenges may arise any time, “troubleshooting“ is one of his diverse tasks. Furthermore, he provides the willingness to travel, which is required in this field quite often, with great pleasure.

A keyword which describes Cepak the best is the word “visionary “. The self-employed product developer with the main focus on mechanical engineering, manages his own company, the aforementioned Cepak GmbH, in Schützenberg, Lower Austria. Together with his wife and two constructing engineers, a multitude of customer-specific products are developed and designed independently each year, subsequently they are made marketable.

He sells numerous items under the registered trademark “TOOLPROTECT“ made from the elastic high-performance plastics polyurethane for the construction industry and forestry, GaLaBau and tree care. The products provide ultimate flexibility and can ensure maximal safety for man and machine in the sense of high occupational safety and for the protection of high-quality tools themselves. The most recent honor was the Lower Austrian Innovation Award, and we wish to congratulate Ing. Cepak on this once again.

Did you know?

And now you can guess who the reliable partner and manufacturer of all these products is. Exactly, it is asma GmbH which reliably handles the challenges in the deadline-business of prototype construction as well as the subsequent serial production in a high quantity with its highly motivated and qualified employees.
Asma is looking forward to further successful cooperation with Ing. Cepak, also in the interest of satisfied end customers!