An article by Johannes Haralter – asma sales

Eight years ago, we were only involved in the processing of Polyurethane in its compact form. In order to process customized moulded parts and coatings from PU, it is important to create components free from air inclusions.

In 2013, we started to tackle cellular PU due to many interesting requests. As with compact PU, we wanted to focus explicitly on special components (not on standard panels or products off the shelf).

The cellular PU field is currently to be considered a niche at asma, but indispensable in many applications.

Where can cellular PU be used, and which benefits are there?

The pores in the material save weight and costs, since fewer resources are needed.

There are some very important aspects, which need to be mentioned. Cellular PU possesses some special properties, such as a high compressibility and an increased elasticity.

An example for a moulded part for difficult assembly situations in a machine: Those components should be compressible so that the basic functioning is not impaired. However, a certain protection function should still be given.

Another example is a component that needs to be elastic and resistant to wear at the same time. But since there is no room for the deformation of the component, it has to be compressible.

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Johannes Haralter