At asma, diversity is not only important in the product range, but also in the fields of activity in the company. In this way, the talents and preferences of the employees can be used optimally in the company.

Whether master of dexterity, thinker, number cruncher, word acrobat, negotiating talent, … – everyone will find the right place at asma.

But which job profiles are there in a production company as asma? Employees present their „job description“ from their very personal point of view to give a small insight into their varied everyday work.

Today, the team leader of the foundry – Hannes Prinz – tells us about his varied activities. Other job descriptions will follow in the coming weeks.

Team leader of the foundry (Hannes Prinz)

My working day begins at half past five in the morning after breakfast coffee with the classification of the large parts in the sandblasting department.

After that, urgent orders are distributed in the various areas of the foundry so that the employees are provided with enough work.

After that has been done, I start with a tour in the production, where I collect faulty parts which need to be repaired or recoated.

Defective parts are then prepared for repair (ground up, sealed with modelling clay) and placed in the heating cabinet.

After that, the office work begins for me, assigning new orders to the respective machine groups and sorting them by casting date.

The daily production tour (⇒ “shopfloor management”) starts at 9 am, where problems are discussed, and attempts are made to find solutions.

As soon as the tour is over, I take care of any time overruns and increased material consumption for orders that have already been completed and follow them up.

After that, parts that are already finished are divided up in the heating cabinets for tempering so that they can be finished as timely as possible.

Finally preparations are made for the afternoon shift and then the shift handover begins.

Although it’s stressful sometimes, I’m glad to have such a varied working day.

Hannes Prinz (Foundry team leader at asma GmbH)

A report of Dipl.-Ing. Adele Brandeis (EDV)