In the next few lines, I may give a brief insight into my experience in dealing with strategies from a practical point of view from more than twenty years of work in corporate management.

Basically, it is about the „realization of long-term goals“, here specifically with the company and how these can be achieved.

These goals should be challenging but achievable.
In addition, tailored to the environment, the market, but also to the actors, the people involved.

Strategic corporate management - asma GF Thomas Brandeis

Managing Director Thomas Brandeis

  • For this purpose, the commercial specifications and plans should correlate with the technical conditions and possibilities.
  • Attempting to achieve sales growth of 20% without creating the necessary personnel and equipment is doomed to fail from the start.
  • In particular, the employees involved, their potential and commitment, play a very important role in the implementation of a defined corporate strategy.
  • Another success factor is flexibility – how much deviation from the given line do I allow in order to react to unplanned events, to be able to use unexpected opportunities without losing sight of the big goal?

This often requires patience, which is not always a typical quality of managers.

  • When is the time to recognize that the strategy is not working and that an adaptation of the plan is required?
  • Or does the plan just need a little more time and maybe additional support?
  • Sometimes a small regrouping in the team, a sharpening of the tasks is enough and the boat is back on course.
  • At asma, we attach great importance to trust and reliability. This is reflected in the corporate strategy and the formulation of goals. The focus is not on short-term success, but on consistently successful cooperation, within the company with our employees and outside the organization with our customers and partners.


A Report of Managing Director Thomas Brandeis