DI (FH) Rainer Baumgartner has been working at asma in Weitra for several years. A few months ago he took over the management of the „Research & Development“ team. In this blog post we can now accompany him for a day in his activities. 

DI (FH) Rainer Baumgartner

Research & Development

I start my working day around 7:30 / 8:00 in the morning. Depending on how well my 4-year-old daughter gets out of bed and how motivated she is to go to kindergarten. This can sometimes take a little longer. Luckily, ASMA gives you great support so that you can balance work and family.

DI (FH) Baumgartner Rainer - asma Research & Development

The first thing I do in the morning is to take care of the formulations. To do this, I look in the system to see which raw materials are currently being processed. If the raw material batch changes and with it the NCO content (an important parameter of a prepolymer for the chemical reaction to form polyurethane), I recalculate the recipes affected and pass the new mixing ratios on to production.


Then I use our requirements list in the ERP system to check whether raw materials are running low in the warehouse and, if necessary, place orders.

  • After this routine work is done, I start my main tasks as development manager. I take care of the project management of various development projects, the distribution of various tasks and projects in our team, answer inquiries about new customer projects and think about possibilities for implementation.
  • One of my areas of responsibility is troubleshooting in production, where I am happy to help with minor or major problems to eliminate them as quickly as possible.
  • I spend an increasing part of my time in meetings with customers, raw material suppliers or internally with other departments.
  • In the afternoon, when things get a little quieter in production, I use the free capacity for various tests on the casting machines or in hand casting.
  • Before I end the working day, I do the documentation and plan a bit for the next few days.

 All in all a very interesting, varied and of course sometimes stressful working day. But I am happy and grateful that ASMA has given me the confidence to implement my own ideas and to help ensure that ASMA remains a strong and innovative company in polyurethane processing in the future.

DI (FH) Baumgartner Rainer - asma Research & Development

Whether you are particularly skilled with your hands, a tinkerer, a number juggler, acrobat with words, a talent for negotiation, … – everyone will find the right place at asma. But what job profiles are there in a production company as diverse as asma? Employees present their „job description“ from their very personal point of view in order to give a small insight into their varied everyday work. Other job descriptions will follow in the coming weeks.