High quality polyurethane flip-flop screens, PU sieves, screening mats have been part of Asma’s core business for almost 4 decades. During this period, both polyurethane materials and manufacturing processes have been continuously developed. Reason enough to take a closer look at this product segment.

Polyurethane flip-flop screen mats are used in vibration screening machines for the classification of a wide range of wet or dry bulk materials. In this screening process, the flexible screen mats are vibrating through the machine, individually tensioned and relaxed. This leads to the linear movement and screening of the bulk material at an acceleration of up to 50g. The elongated stretching and bending of the screen mat avoid clog-grains in the perforation and prevents the sticking of wet bulk material.

At Asma, we specialize in the wide range of applications of screening machines and their required screen mats. The spectrum of screening tasks ranges classically from sand, gravel, minerals to ores, coal, animal feed to the special tasks such as household waste, sewage sludge, incineration slag and a wide variety of recycled materials, also secondary raw materials. The world-wide locations of the screening machines, starting from the polar circles to the equator, are also standard for us today. The resulting requirements for the polyurethane screen mats are more diverse than they cannot be.

With screen mats made of the different AsmaPrene polyurethane materials and Vulkollan® we cover requirements such as low-temperature suitability, hydrolysis and microbe resistance, acid and alkali requirements such as low-temperature suitability, hydrolysis and microbe resistance, acid and alkali resistance, electrical conductivity and temperature resistance up to 100°C. With screen mats made of AsmaScreen, we set a benchmark on the market in terms of mechanical wear resistance and durability for classic screening applications.

Polyurethane screen mats can be customized for any screening machine, making them fully interchangeable with the original equipment. They are designed for both, screwing and clamping systems so that screening machines can be equipped worldwide without distinction depending on the machine brand, deck dimensions and installation characteristics. Thanks to a large number of semi-finished products and in-house perforation, short-term delivery times can also be realized.