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Coating for rollers


PUR chemically adheres to almost any metal body, but also to plastic shafts made of glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) or carbon-fibre-reinforced plastic (CRP), and to roller cores made of polyamide, POM or extremely hard PUR (2-layer construction).

Our products and services range from complete rollers made according to drawings or samples, to complete castors including ball bearings. We also offer the assembly and disassembly of ball bearings, retaining rings, and much more.

We also apply coatings on rollers for a wide range of industrial applications, e.g., transport rollers, brake rolls, squeeze rolls, coater rolls, varnishing rolls, pressure rolls, deflection rollers, feed rollers and much more.


Varnishing rollers

Compared with existing solutions, the coating of varnishing rollers with polyurethane elastomers (Asmaprene FP, easypren) offers numerous advantages:

  • high cut resistance
  • wear resistance
  • resistance against oil AND solvents
  • high line loading capacity

Complete rollers


Varnishing rollers

Squeeze rolls

Folding rollers

Transport and driving rollers

Feed rollers

Wire guide rollers

Regrinding service